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Bantam Club Français

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Company of encouragement in the breeding of the poultry of the dwarfish races

President of Honor :

Jean-Claude MARTIN, 6 rue Geneviève Plailly, 91330 YERRES

President :

Patrick QUILLIET, 2 rue de la Fontaine de Jallanges, 37210 VERNOU SUR BRENNE
Phone : 0247520306 - Mobile : 0672881998
Email :

General Secretary :

Jean-Luc SAUZEDDE, rue de la Concordance, 63100 CLERMONT-FERRAND.

General treasurer :

Jacques VIMONT, Plein Soleil n° 17, 26130 SAINT PAUL TROIS CHATEAUX.


Been born in 1899, Bantam Club Français is at present an association governed by the law of 1901. Non-profit, the only resources are gifts(donations) and contributions of his(her) members. The amount of the subscription understands(includes) the price for the annual subscription in seen again(revised) Bantam, illustrated in colours, sent six times a year to all the members of the Club. Subscription is used to print and to send the review, to assure(insure) running costs and to acquire prices and reward which(who) are distributed during the annual Championship of France and the regional championships among four for six a year.

The Club likes the disposal of its members of rings identification strictly corresponding to the national rule. Their distribution is rigorously watched by the treasurer and assistant sound. A certificate of origin accompanies any supply of rings.

In the purpose of encouragement in the breeding of the dwarfish races, the Club has for objective to favor connections among breeders, to supply them information and to put in their disposal a technical documentation. In seen again(revised) Bantam  are published standards abundantly commented, experiences(experiments) of breeding, breeders' lists and catalogs of races which are so many source documents with durable character. Without for all that neglecting current events, the Club gives so priority to the technical information.

The contacts that the Club maintains through Europe and even world allow to inform the members about all which happens in the breeding of the dwarfs. Affiliated to the big companies(societies) and the national unions, the B.C.F. is always a supporter of progress and novelty without breaking rules(rulers) and limits fixed by authorities avicoles national.

The B.C.F. it is progress without the adventure.

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Bantam Club Français publishes(edits) a fortnightly review which is reserved for the members of the Club, for any information click the link of the BCF later :

photo de couverture de la revue du Bantam Club de France


All the memberships leave of January 1-st. If you adhere in the course of the year, the already appeared reviews shall be sent to you.
The amount of the membership is of 23 euros for France and of 25 euros for other countries of Europe. The other country, to consult us.


Abundantly illustrated with pen-and-ink drawings and with numerous photos in colours and black and white, this work regroups all that it is necessary to know to raise(bring up), to select, to expose(explain) and to judge the dwarfish poultry of which more than hundred races, including the rarest, are described. It is a strong volume of big size: 413 pages in 21 x 29,7, what allowed widely to size the photos of which many are for the size 13 x 18. The binding with rings opens the possibility of incorporating into it texts and illustrations to appear in main publications avicoles. The texts of accompanying, the description of the races and the rare variety show are of Mister Marcel SIMONY and also Mister Hilaire CROENSTEEN and updates are of J.C. MARTIN. A big part of this magnificent work is resumed in this site which, without the agreement of Mister J.C Martin would not have been able to exist.
Price : 23 euros + 4,27 euros of port, or 27,27 euros.

Plaque of 32 pages four boards of which except text in colours. Contain a description detailed(retailed) with these animals acting as standard. Allows to identify them and to recognize them. Also contain advices of breeding. Indispensable to the judge, to the pupil - judge and to every breeder concerned with these animals. Mr Simony's texts, E. Florsch and J.C. Martin.
Price: 6,20 euros + 1,22 euros of port, or 7,42 euros.

This plaque of 64 pages regroups all the texts concerning the genetic and in particular, the heredity of complexions, appeared in Bantam-revue. Someone were seen again and increased(revised and increased), the other goods(articles) were added. INDISPENSABLE to the serious breeder who does not content himself with the fate to work variety show.
Price: 15,24 euros + 1,22 euros of port, or 16,46 euros.

For all these works, to contact :

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Summary - Associations / Bantam Club Français

Extrait de l'ouvrage "Elevage sélection et standard des poules naines" édité par le Bantam Club Français -1994
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